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Google Glass Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Getting Ready For Users

Google Glass Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Getting Ready For Users

Glass Explorers are all of the people (myself included) that have taken part in the ... The device was initially sold only via invites, but opened up more widely last ... but Google said it was still committed to releasing Glass when it's ready. ... In its announcement today, Google says this isn't the end of Glass.. Google Glass Isn't Dead, In Fact It's Getting Ready For Public Release ... you hear because Google Glass isn't just far from dead, it's actually being ... wasn't the project being sidelined but instead "to make it ready for users... ... are currently being practiced. Is Your Organization Ready for the Third Age of Open Data? ... can get complicated. Google Glass Isn't Dead It's Just Resting.. Google Glass Not Dead, Just Being Made Ready For Users ... Since Google pulled its Glass wearable device from the market back in January, many ... program and the press conflated this into us canceling the whole project, which isn't true.. The Glass was equipped with a camera, and people were understandably afraid of a future where anybody can walk around with a camera on their face. ... This isn't to say that Glass is a bad piece of hardware; it just wasn't ready to be thrown into the consumer market. If anything, the product was still in a beta mode.. Despite closing the Google Glass explorer program in January though, Eric Schmidt says the project isn't dead yet. It's just getting ready for users. Nest founder.... The product allows users to interact with the device via voice and allows other ... Just about two years after Google spiked the original Glass, the company is back with ... to become one of its "developer Google Glass Enterprise Edition Is Ready for Work. ... Another reason to believe that Google Glass isn't completely dead or.... Google Glass eyewear isn't dead, Eric Schmidt confirms ... gadget gives Google the opportunity "to make it ready for users. ... of an eye to get location-based information whenever they asked. ... its SmartEyeglass gadget, which carries a price -- $840 -- just a little more than half of what Google was charging.. Google Glass is NOT dead its just being 'made ready for users', confirms ... conflated this into us cancelling the whole project, which isn't true.. When Google announced it was shutting down the Google Glass Explorer program many thought that would be the end of smart glasses.. Google Glass is far from dead. The company's just put it back on the drawing board to "make it ready for users, executive chairman Eric.... Google says it's not killing off Glass completely, but wants to spend more time ... Glass isn't dead, it's just not 'ready for users', says Google ... the company's decision to launch Glass to the public, saying it 'had to get [Glass] out.... The factory floor is really where people could use some hands-free assistance, and might not mind being goofy while ... People, however, realised the device was not yet ready to be part of their lives. ... Google Glass is apparently still around and just got its first update in nearly three years ... Google Glass isn't dead.. Despite closing the Google Glass explorer program in January though, Eric Schmidt says the project isn't dead yet. It's just getting ready for.... And so a meme was born: Google's throwing in the towel on its ... say when Glass will be officially released, though company PR people and ... date this summer, saying only that it would be released when it's ready. ... According to Strawn, Google has a lot of obstacles to overcome to get Glass, or another.... Google Glass 2.0 is here, and it's found a home in an unexpected place: Factories. ... the tone for the launch of a product that was nowhere near ready for reliable use ... Then came a backlash from people interacting with Glass users, who ... It's not just blue-collar labor getting results with Enterprise Glass.. lord_rob the only on writes "After Google stopped selling its wearable Glass ... the control of Nest's Tony Fadell to "make it ready for users" in the future. 0 ... Something like Google Glass has got to be the next logical extension.. ... amplified and accessed via Google Glass; it isn't even an army of robots we ... end of collective humanity, the end of death, and even the end of future itself, ... extreme weather, no hordes of angry poor people wondering what happened ... of technologists telling us exactly what we want to hear, it's just around the corner.. Google Glass isn't done yet, Google's executive chariman Eric Schmidt ... ready for users in the near future He reportedly stated that the Glass.... Google Glass isn't dead, it's being 'made ready for users,' says Eric ... platform for Google," and that just like the company's self-driving cars, the...


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